Jos Hansen & Soehne Gulf is partnered with world leaders providing world-class Access Control products to our clients in the GCC. The technology is based on years of research, quality and innovation. Through competent and skilled research and development teams, our partners ensure certified and tested products assuring quality and safety. We essentially provide global automation concepts that are capable of coordinating all that can be automated within every urban collective environment whilst being high quality, low maintenance and cost effective.

To ensure security of any premises the need to monitor and control movement is of paramount importance. The means of controlling access may include a keypad, a hand held proximity card, a radio remote opener, biometric reader or facial recognition. We offer solutions that employ the latest technology ensuring access only to authorised persons thereby securing your premises.



Access Automation protects our space and restricts access to unauthorised persons/vehicles in a reserved area. With the dawn of the digital age, Access Automation technology has become an integral part of our lives. When we board the metro, or enter the office, or even the mall we use or interact with this technology. We often overlook the importance of automated entry and exit but without these products it would be difficult if not impossible to control the flow of personnel or traffic to restricted/controlled areas.


Bollards are aesthetically pleasing alternatives to road blockers and traffic barriers. Reliable construction and robust operation makes them extremely effective in protecting pedestrians and managing traffic. They are the perfect safety measure for sensitive areas such as airports, government buildings and car dealerships. We offer Bollards to suit varying client requirements.


Monitoring and defining your premises is important and has become a necessity to prevent unauthorised access. Gate barriers ensure that only authorised personnel/vehicles enter the area providing a clear demarcation of the controlled area. We offer a range of gate barrier systems, which can be configured to suit client requirements, whether it be industrial, commercial, or residential.


A revolving door is the most apt and feasible solution when an entrance needs to be visually appealing whilst protecting the interior against draft and noise. They also offer the ability of providing optimal thermal separation. We provide solutions incorporating all of the principle advantages of revolving door technology including noise reduction, draft-free entry and energy conservation.


Slide Gates assist in maximising space within your property. They’re most appropriate use is at commercial premises with busy access points. Slide gate systems can handle heavy weights and they’re speeds can be adjusted depending upon the operating environment. We offer sliding gate automation products ranging from light to heavy duty accommodating the gate weight and frequency of use for residential, commercial and industrial sites.


Sliding doors provide convenient and automatic entry. Automatic readers and software can operate them. We provide state-of-the-art sliding doors for industrial, commercial, healthcare and retail use. Our solutions offer the highest standard of comfort, convenience and safety whilst ensuring cost effectiveness.


Turnstiles effectively control the flow of people entering or exiting a private or protected area by using a mechanism that allows linear motion or rotary motion only in one direction thereby allowing either entry or exit of pedestrian traffic from a specific location. They are extremely useful as they offer precise measurement and a log of bio-directional foot traffic in and out of your property. We are capable of providing Turnstiles solutions catering to varied needs.

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