With the boom of the automobile industry in the 21st century, the tedious exercise of parking our cars has become a daily exercise. Being an integral part of our lives it’s something that is on all our minds before we step out. Parking often causes frustration and unforeseen delays affecting our daily schedule and routine. Parking Automation technology essentially combats the growing problem of efficiently managing automobiles in areas where there is congestion and zoning issues.

At Jos Hansen & Soehne Gulf through cutting edge technology we provide modern and hassle free solutions for parking. We believe in providing our clients with the best in terms of cost efficiency and client service. Our principle suppliers are some of the world’s most reliable and renowned manufacturers in this specialised segment thereby enabling us to provide our clients with superior products and services.



The modern era of parking management essentially involves the usage of Automated Pay Stations. They greatly increase efficiency by improving customer exiting speeds, reducing the length of exit cues and overhead costs. We provide modern Automated Pay Stations for differently sized commercial spaces, tailoring the solution to client need and specification.


A Parking Guidance system employs the use of ultrasonic sensors with LED lights mounted on the lighting suspension rail above parking spaces. These lights will turn green or red depending upon whether that parking space is free or not. Parking spaces for disabled persons can be configured to have a different colour. We provide comprehensive parking guidance solutions for car parks of varied nature and sizes, tailoring each solution to client demands and needs.

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