Jos Hansen & Soehne Gulf has been providing world-class Building Materials at competitive prices for over four decades. Through partnerships with reputed and renowned manufacturers we ensure our clients the best in terms of quality and functionality. Our formidable procurement network enabled us to undertake varied projects and clients often rely on our extensive product knowledge to provide appropriate solution depending on the nature of the project at hand.

Today’s market calls for leadership and through our partners we are capable of providing our clients with building materials characterised by pioneering design, quality, tradition, elegance and panache. After all, such materials are not merely showpieces but an expression of style.

inside building materials


Garage doors are predominantly employed for securing our vehicles and protecting them from the outside environment. An important feature of Garage Doors is operational safety. We provide Garage Doors that are functionally advanced and safe to use without compromising on appearance, all manufactured from tested and durable material.


We supply a comprehensive range of world class expertly engineered Iron Mongery products at competitive prices. All products are designed to offer a bold aesthetic appeal while guaranteeing quality. Our partners ensure that the products are continually improved and developed to keep abreast with changing trends and new technologies thereby always maintaining a universal appeal.


Profiles are employed whilst creating indoor and outdoor finishes in areas such as kitchen worktops, skirting boards and to furnishings and design items. Apart from the design and aesthetic aspect they also have an important technical and installation function as they create connections, protect corners etc. We provide profiles that are engineered to perfection providing high aesthetic appeal.


Rolling Shutters provide a sense of security to your commercial, industrial or residential space. Being permanently exposed to natural elements, quality of manufacturing is imperative to ensure longevity and smooth operation. Through our partners we ensure a durable and high performing product with a long operational life.


We provide a complete range of sanitary/bathroom fittings imbibing a modern and timeless design. Our manufacturers ensure high quality durable fittings that undergo rigorous testing before they are delivered. Dedicated research and development teams of our partners ensure modern technology is brought into bathrooms with products lasting a lifetime.


Through our well-established network of manufacturers we provide switching & wiring accessories synonymous with design expertise, manufacturing distinction and world class quality. Energy efficiency is one of the most important facets of these products and the products we provide offer unparalleled technical excellence tailored to the requirement at hand.


Combining art and industry we offer a diverse, extensive and versatile range of Wall & Floor Tiles in a variety of designs, sizes and colours. Our product range is inspired by the latest trends in terms of style and architecture providing our clients with durable modern products with an aesthetic appeal.

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